Private Therapy Services


Private services can be provided in your client’s home, school or other location as arranged.

We charge by the hour for direct services as well as for report writing. A travel surcharge may apply for clients who are seen in their own location. Receipts are provided and clients are encouraged to seek reimbursement through their private health insurance. The amount of therapy required and the length of time that services are needed are directly related to each other and highly variable from one person to another.

The Speech-Language Pathologist conducts a clinical assessment to determine where therapy is needed, how much therapy is needed, how often it should be scheduled, and the goals of therapy. The assessment is usually completed within one session for children and within two assessment sessions for adults. Once the assessment has been completed, the Speech-Language Pathologist will explain the results and discuss the amount and frequency of therapy recommended. The recommended therapy schedule will depend upon the goals, the type of therapy being provided and the severity of the problem.

If you would like to inquire about our private services please call us at 1-877-877-4757.



“The one-on-one the therapist has with my son; her gentle, caring way and her precise way of dealing with my son. Also during the summer vacation being able to participate in the sessions. My son was the narrator for the school play in June. He came such a long way with his problem, from that to being the narrator was more progress than I’ve expected.”

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