The History of Heaman Communication Services


Heather Heaman began providing services to the Home Care Program (now called Community Care Access Centres) in Haldimand-Norfolk Region in 1989, then to the Hamilton-Wentworth Home Care Program from 1991 until 1994. From 1994 onward, Heaman Communication Services (named Heaman Speech-Language Pathology prior to incorporation in 2002) has contracted services to a number of public agencies on an ongoing basis, as outlined below.



Long Term Contracts

Short-Term Staff Replacement Services

Private Services




“The one-on-one the therapist has with my son; her gentle, caring way and her precise way of dealing with my son. Also during the summer vacation being able to participate in the sessions. My son was the narrator for the school play in June. He came such a long way with his problem, from that to being the narrator was more progress than I’ve expected.”

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